Workshop and Symposium

Chip & System Design

The Electronic Design Processes (EDP) 2016 Workshop and Symposium, in its 23nd year, has fostered the free exchange of ideas among the top thinkers, movers, and shakers who focus on how chips and systems are designed in the electronics industry. It has provided a forum for this cross-section of the design community to discuss state-of-the-art improvements to electronics design processes and CAD methodologies, rather than on the functions of the individual tools themselves.

Now & In The Future

The EDPS was founded by Bill McCallah in 1978 as key activity of the Design Automation Technical Committee (DATC). This annual EDPS Workshop and Symposium takes place each year in Monterey, California, and emphasizes both the here and now and the future.

Industry & Academia

Attendees of this elite workshop have met each year since 1993. It has attracted some of the most far-seeing people in the electronics industry and academia as speakers. If you need to know where the industry is and where it’s going with respect to the design and development, and especially methodologies and technology of design, you should consider attending this year.


23rd Electronic Design Process Symposium - EDPS 2016